LHR is dedicated to setting higher standards for the Debt Collections Industry. Our employees are productive, hardworking and moral individuals that thrive in a customer service oriented environment. We respect the people that we collect from, the people we work with and the community in which we live and serve. As the engines that drive this company, we strive for the highest standards.

We are looking for a candidate that has the ability to adapt to the above philosophy and possesses the characteristics that we’ve found to be common in successful Account Managers. These characteristics can be summed up in one word – C.O.R.E.:

CONFIDENT: Account Managers are faced with challenging situations each day and must be confident in their ability to evaluate each situation and to develop solutions to get them resolved.

ORGANIZED: Organization is one of the most common traits among the best Account Managers. They are responsible for maintaining large files of accounts. This includes tracking promises, payments, and making follow-up calls. Good organizational skills allow Account Managers to plan out their day and meet their individual goals to ensure success.

RESPONSIBLE: Account Managers are responsible for setting and meeting daily goals and for properly managing the accounts that they are assigned. Some of the other responsibilities of Account Managers include the following:

  • Maintaining a professional attitude on every collection call and treating consumers with respect.
  • Account Managers are required to follow both Federal and State Laws, not only are they responsible for knowing the laws, but also for the consequences that come with violating those laws.
  • Attendance and punctuality are key factors for employment at LHR. Account Managers are required to come to work on time each day.

ETHICAL: Account Managers must be ethical individuals who know the difference between right and wrong. They are required to make ethical decisions that comply with Federal and State Laws as well as company policies. All Account Managers at LHR Inc. are required to accept and perform their job in accordance with the company's Code of Honor.

If you feel that you have the qualities listed above and are ready to start a career, take the first step toward your future. Apply for a position with LHR Inc.